James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants
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Interests, retirement & death

JV Shelby chairman In his youth John was a very keen footballer; he played for the university and captained his college team. He also played for the famous Corinthian Casuals. His more sedentary interests included gardening, baroque music and local history; he became a Fellow of the Society of Antiquarians in 1978. His published works include ‘An Eighteenth Century Warwickshire Village’ (1986), ‘Snitterfield and the Shakespeares’ and articles on mediaeval history. On his ‘retirement’ he and Betty went on educational cruises where John lectured. He also did some university lecturing at Leamington for the OU and at York. His voluntary work included being on the Stratford District Council, 1974-83 (chairman 1977-8), on the council of the Dugdale Society (a Warwickshire Antiquarian Publishing Society named after William Dugdale) from 1971 (past VP), a member of the Court of Warwick University, 1977-82, on the Midlands Arts Council, 1977-78, on the S Warwickshire Community Health Council, 1977-82 and on Stratford-on-Avon District Council for Voluntary Service (about 200 volunteers help with taxi services, grants, clothing, etc) (Chairman 1979-85, VP, 1985 & Pres., 1987-2000).

JV Shelby 2000 When I met John he was already in his nineties. He was a softly spoken, very sweet, elderly gentleman with a lively mind. He was most interesting to talk to, not just about his life and his family but also about local history; he lived in Snitterfield near Stratford upon Avon. One of his daughters who lives in Australia must have a fascinating collection of audiotapes; he regularly sent her a tape with his news and odd items of interest. He had a large garden, half of which was taken up by a very productive orchard and he used to put apples in a basket by his front gate, for people to help themselves. He was a doting father and grandfather and a true gentleman ‘of the old school’. The death of his wife in July 1988 had been a great loss to him; it was an event with which he never quite came to terms. In later life, he suffered periods of ill health. John died on Friday, 27th October 2000. He was ninety-three.

There are living descendants.