James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants
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John James Shelby (1940-2010) (cntd.)

John spoke of an uncle’s farm in Yorkshire where he had spent some of his childhood holidays with a cousin of approximately the same age. This uncle was Thomas William Anderson Shelby (aka Andrew, below). Not long before his death, John was reunited with Andrew, which was a great comfort to him and Andrew went to Johns funeral.

I am grateful to a close friend of John and Elke and to this site for additional information.

Thomas William Anderson Shelby (1908 - 1989)

Andrew Shelby TMO Shelby & 
family Thomas William Anderson Shelby, known as Andrew, was born on 29 May 1908 in Buenos Aires. Soon after his birth his family returned to the United Kingdom, though his father died back in Buenos Aires later that year. His mother then settled in Oswestry. When Andrew was a little older he may have spent some time living with his uncle Timothy Morgan Owen Shelby and family, about 17 miles north of Oswestry, perhaps to attend school; it is likely that he is the boy on the left in a the family photo (right) of Timothy, his wife and son. His cousin, John Vivian Shelby, was strangely reluctant to identify this boy but in 1945 Andrew attended Timothy's funeral (amongst the mourners was listed T.A. Shelby, Bedale, Yorks, nephew).

Andrew served in the RAF in World War II. He married Florence Ellen Allison on 8 September 1945 at St Michael’s Church, Kirklington, Bedale, North Yorkshire Wensleydale 1945, 3rd qt]. She was born on 28 April 1914 and died in 1979 [Claro 1979, 3rd qt]. Thomas himself died on 10 July 1989 [Northallerton, July 1989]. They had two children.

There are living descendants.