James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Susannah & Richard in the 20th Century

In 1901 Susie was living at 13 Gunner Street, Portsmouth with Richard who was a seaman in the Royal Navy; he had been a ship’s boy on a Royal Navy ship, The Vernon, moored in Portsmouth harbour ten years previously. Their daughter, Sara Constance Green was born in 1905 [Portsmouth 1905, 4th qt], the year that her father became a Gunner aboard the Armoured Cruiser, Good Hope. In 1908 he was serving aboard the Torpedo Boat Destroyer, Angler. In 1911 the family was living at 37 Paddington Road, North End, Portsmouth, and Richard was a Gunner aboard the Protected Cruiser, 2nd class, Latona. By 1913 he had a shore, training role near Harwich, attached to HMS Ganges but on the outbreak of war he was posted as the Gunner aboard the Torpedo-Boat Destroyer Mallard, based at Chatham. Incidentally, aboard Mallard he briefly served under Captain George F.A. Mulock DSO, RN, FRGS, who had replaced Shackleton in Scott's 1903-4 expedition to the South Pole. In December 1916 Richard was the Gunner aboard a similar vessel HMS Pincher, based in Portsmouth. In September 1918, whilst serving aboard HMS Armadale Castle, he was promoted Chief Gunner and was a Commander Gunner on HMS Vivid at Devonport concerned with Defensive Equipment of Merchant Ships. From April 1921 he was Commander Gunner aboard the Battleship Thunderer and in August 1922 he retired with the rank of Lieutenant.

In 1939 Richard, Royal Navy (Retd), and Susie were living at 17 Westcourt Road, Worthing, Sussex.

Richard died in 1947, aged 74 [Worthing 1947, 2nd qt] and Susie may have died in 1953, aged 88 [Worthing, 1953, 3rd qt].

I know nothing more about Sara Constance Green, though a Sara Green of the same age sailed from Liverpool to New York in 1939.