James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Charlotte Miriam Labron

John Labron's death almost coincided with the birth of his daughter, Charlotte Miriam (aka Miriam Charlotte) Labron [Wrexham 1882, 2nd qtr], known as Minnie. In 1891, her mother having remarried, Miriam was living with the Shelby family at 11 Cross Street, Wrexham. In 1901 she was with her aunts Margaret and Sarah Shelby and her adopted uncle Henry Hubband at 2 End Spring Road, Wrexham and she was a Stationers Assistant. She was still with them in 1911.

Edward & Minnie grave Reports in The wrexham Advertiser and North Wales News show that Minnie was quite talented. In February 1895 she took a small part in the St James' Band of Hope concert and the following year she won prizes at Rhosddu Board Schools' prize giving for needlework and for recitation. In 1900 she performed in an operetta to raise funds for St James's Church Sunday School

In 1919 Minnie married Edward Morgan [Wrexham 1919, 4th qt]. Olwen Hedley, one of Louisa's granddaughters by her second marriage, recalled that Edward had been in the army and that he was especially nice and taught her German. [Click here to read about Edward Morgan.] Both Minnie and Edward died of tuberculosis, the same illness that had claimed the life of Minnie’s father. Edward, then an official at the Ministery of Labour, died on 24 October 1922 [Wrexham 1922, 4th qtr], aged 40, and Minnie on 28 June 1923 [Wrexham 1923, 2nd qtr], aged 38. They had no children. At their deaths both were of 37 Spring Road, Rhosddu, Wrexham, which was where Minnie’s aunts, Margaret and Sarah Shelby, were living. Sarah also died in 1923 so it may well be that she too had contracted TB. As was the case for both of these aunts, probate for Edward and Minnie was granted to Minnie’s uncle Timothy Morgan Owen Shelby.