James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

James's Letters

The late John Morgan-Owen sent me the transcripts of two of James Owen's letters written to his son, Timothy Morgan Owen, in 1882. Unfortunately the originals were lost in a fire. The first reads:

Llanidloes Nov 2nd 1882

Dear Timmy,

I am much obliged for the paper you sent me and very much delighted to see such a full and pleasing account of the magnificent banquet given you.

I am requested by Mr Jenkins to tend you his thanks for the paper you sent him, and to say he is exceedingly delighted to hear you had been so highly honoured. He is sorry he could not find time to write to you himself.

Hoping your little boy has quite recovered his accident.

With our best love to you both,

I am yours affectionately, Jas Owen

This was written on a Thursday but apparently not posted until the next day since the subsequent letter, simply dated 'Saturday', mentions 'my letter of yesterday'. The second letter has the postscript which suggests the elderly James was not in the best of health: P.S. Writing gives me such pain and I have such a cold in my eyes.