James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Other children & 1881 Census

In fact, such are the intervals between these children it is possible there were other children who died in infancy; the censuses provide only a denary snapshot of the family.

There were several children whose births and deaths were recorded at Newtown who might have been born to Mary and died in infancy. Perhaps the most likely girls were two called Mary Jane Owen; the death of one was recorded in 1875 2nd qt [birth registered in 1874 4th qt] and of the other in 1878 3rd qt [birth registered in 1878 1st or 2nd qt]. Other Owen children with two Christian names registered in Newtown included Charles Edward [1874 3rd qt - 1874 3rd qt], Hugh William [1875 2nd qt - 1875 2nd qt], Richard Henry [1875 3rd qt - 1878 3rd qt] and Margaret Elizabeth [1879 1st qt - 1879 2nd qt].

In 1881 the family was living in Great Oak Street, Llanidloes:

Name Posn.
in family
Age Occupation Place of birth
James OWEN h m 73 Superannuated Sergt. of Police MGY Llansanffraid
Mary OWEN w m 30 MGY Trefeglwys
John Oswald OWEN s 8 Scholar MGY Llanidloes
Llewellyn B. OWEN s 7 Scholar MGY Llanidloes
Maurice H. OWEN s 5 Scholar MGY Llanidloes
Herbert U. OWEN s 3 MGY Llanidloes
James D. OWEN s 1m MGY Llanidloes