James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants


Incidents of violence continued to arise. For example (1846):

January 2nd Delfach (5 miles) - I served a Summons on James Hamer of Delfach, Parish of Llangurig - to Answer the complaint of James Owen Police Officer, Llanidloes - did make use of abusive language and assault him in the discharge of his duty - on the 13th day of December last - to appear at the Town Clerk Office Llanidloes on the 6th day of January, 1846.

Diary-Edward George That month the two constables were called to a violent family quarrel in which Edward George was attacked by his son, also called Edward; one of them might have been the Edward George mentioned earlier as the landlord of the New Inn.

Assisted Const. Owen to take Edward George to the lock up for Assaulting, beating and cuting his father about 12 o'clock A.M. Edward George the Elder of Chapel house near Llanidloes. I accompanied Doctor Jones of this town to the Chappell house by the orders of Mr George. Mr Jones, doctor, examined his wound found he was cut on the left side of the head. Rather in a daingerous state.

Note the distances the constables walked in some of these extracts. In a full day’s duty they would walk very much further. One constable tracked sheep-stealers 24 miles from nearby Llandinam to Guilsfield.

The journal gives a clear indication of James’s day-to-day work, much of it involving petty theft, drinking, some violence and highway robbery. He also had some mundane duties to perform but there were several episodes of major vilence and criminality.