James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

The old squire's bequest

Timothy Morgan-Owen passed on to me the transcript of a letter, of November 1882, apparently written by James Owen to Timothy's great-grandfather, also called Timothy Morgan Owen, who was one of James’s sons. (The original letter was lost in a fire.)

It reads:

Llanidloes, Saturday

Dear Timmy,

In my letter of yesterday I omitted to in mention about instructions after the death of the Old Squire. Ormsby Gore sent for my father to Porkington and told him that the squire had thought of him in his will, and by mistake his legacy was ... to another person and in consideration of that he offered my father a house at Porkington and would supply him and my mother with all they needed during their lives. My father however .... of the offer covering himself by saying ...... as he was, and keep a home for his children and the matter dropped. - I well remember my father stating this when he came home from Porkington that evening.

Yours affectionately,

Jas Owen

There is no mention of Thomas Owen in the wills of John of Moynes Court or of Owen Ormsby so the identity of 'the old squire' currently remains a mystery.