James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants
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Arthur Owen

To return to the tree, Sir Robert Owen and his wife, Margaret, had several children. Their first son, William, died in infancy (d 1687) but their second son and heir was also called William (c1688-1767). There were also sons Arthur (1692/3-1739), Lewis (1696-1746), John (c1692-1732) and Edward (d 1697) and daughters Elizabeth and Frances.

Olwen Hedley's tree indicated that Arthur Owen was James Owen's great grandfather. However, it is generally accepted that he died sine prole having married Mary Griffith, daughter of Robert Griffith of Brymbo (see Griffith's Pedigree (Bodsilin, p 136)). Another tree on page 3 of this site indicates that Arthur married Mary Clayton (née Griffiths). The same source states that Arthur was a soldier who died in 1739, leaving behind an endless tangle of administrative affairs from his wife ’s previous marriage. A current researcher confirms that Arthur and Mary (aka "widow Clayton") had no children though Mary had at least one child by her previous marriages to a member of the Jeffries family of Acton and then to Richard Clayton. This researcher questions whether Arthur was a soldier but has found evidence that he was a literary man. After his death, apparently in Bristol in 1739 his estate became the subject of a number of legal actions in Chancery between the Owens, Lysters and Claytons, as often happened in that era. Arthur was buried next to his mother's grave at Selattyn. The above site (see link) also states:

Penrhos Hall Lewis (‘the Doctor’) was William Owen’s youngest brother, the charmer of the family: witty, entertaining and popular with the ladies. Like many younger sons of the gentry, he embarked reluctantly on a career in the church, based at Barking, Essex. His poor stipend was enhanced by the prebend of Hereford and later he obtained the living of Wexham, Buckinghamshire, where he died in 1746. During visits home to Brogyntyn, Lewis Owen had met and fallen in love with pretty Elizabeth Lyster, whose parents owned the Penrhos estate (right) . His ardent courtship came to be the talk of Shropshire and to everyone’s satisfaction they married in 1740.
This could have been the link between James Owen and Penrhos were it not for the fact that both the children of Lewis and Elizabeth died unmarried; they were John Owen of Moynes Court, who died s.p. on 18 December 1823 aged 82, and Margaret (b 1743) who died s.p. on 25 October 1816.