James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Gruffydd ap lorwerth

Gruffydd and Gwenllian had four sons Llewelyn (or Llywelyn), Hywel (or Howel), Gruffydd (or Griffith), and Iorwerth.

Iorwerth ap Gruffydd, with his brother Hywel, and eleven others, was imprisoned in Caernarvon castle in 1326-7 for his ill-judged support of Edward II; Edward is thought to have been murdered in 1327, having been deposed as king earlier that year after twenty years of much criticised rule. Iorwerth's brother Hywel was so strong a man, that it is said he could straighten horse shoes with his hands from which he acquired the name 'Hywel y Pedolau', i. e. of the horseshoes. Perhaps because of his mother's association with Edward, Hywel was highly favoured by Edward II and was ultimately knighted.

Iorwerth married Gwladys verch Hywel Goch (or Goeg) ap Iorwerth ap Caradog ap Llywarch ap Bran (Bran was the founder of 2nd of 15 Noble tribes, descended from Rhodri Mawr King of All Wales) and they had a son Iorwerth Ddu (the black) who had a son Hywel (or Howel) who was born in Treiorwerth, Bodedern (map), Anglesey.

Hywel married Angharad Verch Howel Ap Cynwrig Vychan (of Tre Brys & Hiraethog) ap Cynwrig ap Llowarch ap Heilyn Goch, of Carwed Fynydd and they had children Llewellyn of Treiorwerth, Cwnws of Traphwll, Hwlkin of Presaddfed, Rhys, Iorwerth, Margaret and Gruffydd. >>