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James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants
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The Story of

James Owen

of Penrhos

& his

These are edited extracts from an account I started writing over ten years ago.

The first chapter about the ancestry of James's father, Thomas, is based on the research of others; I have added some information but cannot confirm the association between Thomas and the lineages described.

Each section about James Owen's children includes information about their descendants but information about living descendants has been omitted for obvious reasons.

The 'Help' page explains how the site is structured but I hope most aspects are self-explanatory. Every page includes information in the left panel to help show where the person concerned fits into the family tree and to enable you to find out about their close relatives. The numbers on the left of names indicates to which generation they belong, taking James Owen as generation 1.

I shall update the site as I learn more and I welcome any additional information and pictures.

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